The Strange Aeons Adventure Path begins with your characters waking up in an asylum with no memory of how they arrived there or who they are. Your first glimpse of the asylum is like a snapshot of nightmarish chaos. Things are certainly not what they seem, and carnage fills the grim stone halls of the sanitarium. You must face the challenges of the asylum and your own foggy memories if you hope to survive.

Strange Aeons embraces numerous themes of Lovecraftian horror to present an entire campaign that pits Golarion’s latest batch of heroes against maddening menaces from beyond time and space. In this Adventure Path, you’ll find encounters focusing on locales such as insane asylums, creepy old houses, musty libraries, forgotten desert cities, and far stranger locations. At the same time, Strange Aeons remains fundamentally a Pathfinder game. Your characters will continue to gain power as they rise in level, and the expectation is that they will survive and persevere against seemingly insurmountable horrors. There may be casualties along the way, but in the end, Strange Aeons is not meant to give ruthless GMs a blank check to kill off the party in every other encounter. As with all Adventure Paths, the story presented in Strange Aeons unfolds best when there is a continuing thread of characters from start to end. They may emerge with scars (both mental and physical) when all is said and done, but overall, the encounters in this campaign aren’t designed to be insurmountable.

Strange Aeons

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